Oh fizzy drinks. I love myself a soda, and if you’re anything like me, you don’t want a good meal without a coke.

I’ll just take Coke/Pepsi as the ‘bad example’ for all….just because everyone else seems to do that, and I am sure you understand my point.
I’m sure you have all been faced with stacks of sugar portraying how many sugar cubes are in a bottle of coke. It’s a lot. It’s a good little pile.
Maybe this helps you stay clear of it, but it never worked for me. Sure, there is a lot of sugar in it. Thanks for the info! Now can I please have a glass?

The information, well, informed me, but did not do much more for me.
Here is a graphic which illustrates all the not-so-great things that happen to your body when you drink a can of coke:


However, again, this didn’t do anything for me (but it might help you). Yup, got it, coke isn’t great nor healthy, now please gimme a glass.
After years and years of defiance, the video below made me never WANT to touch another sugary fizzy drink. Cured forever.

Ta, I need this never again. It is just sooo gross. Do you really want that in your body? I don’t. And whenever I face other junk food I try to think of this example and remind myself, this is roughly what it will look like in my body…no thank you.

Some people suggest to throw out all the sugary drinks you have right NOW. I say, you already paid money for them, and they ARE tasty….if you can still stomach it after this video, go ahead and finish it off (given you don’t have an entire wine cellar full of soda).
This will satisfy your cravings and then you can move on. Just resist buying more. The more water you drink, the more you’ll be okay with only drinking water. If it’s not ‘interesting’ enough for you, drink bubbly water and/or add things to it such as cucumber and lime.

But after that video, I’m more than okay with the plainest water.